Monday, April 19, 2010

Effective Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to produce a little extra income with little effort, but it's all about traffic. No matter what you use to monetize your blog, without interested readers it will just sit there soaking up bandwidth with no results. So would you come back on a regular basis to read yours?

Take a serious look at the blogs you visit every day and notice how many of them never change from day to day. Who is going to read the same post over and over? Then when you do find one that might look interesting, once you get into it you often discover it's just the same old rhetoric regurgitated up one more time and no more palatable than it was the first time.

If you're going to blog at all, do a little research and contribute to the value of the blogosphere, then you will find people coming back for more, or at least taking note when they come across a new headline every few visits.

See you all online!


  1. Hey, Warren, I come and visit you again :)

    You make the point! I like the blog which update always. At least should update once a week.

    I had update my blog about Facebook group created by myself. I hope the experienced and active people like you can join the group, so i come here to invite you :)

    Hope can see you there,my dear friend. And wish you have a nice earning day =)

  2. Well done Warren. I am glad to see someone who actually has made my goals, his reality. I hope all is well, and keeps moving, I like to see that you are talking about traffic, as I am working on my traffic!!

  3. Hi Warren. I just came across your blog. Thanks for the useful information. It is a good reminder that my posts should contribute to the knowledge of my readers in an interesting way. Not just random posts to increase my content. Quality AND quantity! Have a great day.