Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bells Are Ringing

I read a post today that really rang my bell, it simply said, "Never Give Up". It made me stop and think how TRUE that is, because you never know when an idea will hit you that changes your LIFE!

I know that sounds like hype, but it truly is the way it happens. I started a blog a little over a month ago and in the process of working on it, I just created a product of my own. It's only a $1 product, but if you see it, you may get an idea for your own.

What is different, is it shows even true beginners how to get started selling online, even if they never thought it was for them. At least look at the splash page on

Notice there is no capture box, just a link to order.

That's what makes it unique, if you click the order you will see the magic and still can back out if you like. It doesn't work in every country, but for the ones it does it solves major problems for both buyers and sellers that use PayPal.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Settle Down Easy

I'm still around and happier than ever. I have my ventures narrowed down to what works best for me (and could for you too), so about all I do now days is click for credits to sell for Tokens on Traffic Swirl and help my referrals that are responsible for my income make more money for themselves.

What I learned is, the more I help them, the longer they sick around and keep paying me. Not only that, but since my primary project is using tools we all need to produce pages to collect lists of people who need help.

So if you are struggling to make anything online, let's talk about it and I can probably help.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Latest Updates

I am still plugging along making extra cash to enjoy my retirement and I just found a couple of new ways to make it even better.

If you search Google for my oldbuddy user name, it's #1 on the results and brings me even more great people who are really serious about this, so that's a good thing.

 On the web page that points to, there is a banner on the right column that points to Big Crumbs and the referrals I have there have helped me earn over $5,000 by going through their website to buy from over 1,000 top retailers, not to mention have given me shares in their company as a bonus.

 I recently learned that they shut down Big Crumbs, but transferred my account to a brand new website that looks even better and I can keep on getting paid for buying what I would anyway. I like that.

I also found a new Paid To Click website that I think is going to pass the $4,800 I have earned from Fusioncash in the long run. It's sure easier to use, now that Fusioncash has so many hoops to jump through. On the new one, I spend 10 minutes a couple of times a day and I am done!

 Get in touch with me if you have any questions!