Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Content DETHRONED as King!

If you have studied online blogging strategies for any length of time, you have no doubt been told over and over that Content is King, right? I am far from an expert at this point, but common sense tells me this is simply not true. No matter how good your content is, before it can have any effect on your visitors they will need to READ it!

So my reasoning tells me that HEADLINES are the real King. No matter how your visitor arrived at your blog or website, it's an automatic reaction to make a snap decision to determine if they are in the right place to satisfy the reason for visiting in the first place and the headlines will probably be the first thing they see. If they are good enough, THEN and only then, will the content have a chance to make a lasting impression.

Add to that the fact that the headline on an RSS feed somewhere could very well be the reason he made the visit. If you are not including your feed on as many other websites as possible . . . well that's another topic.

Think about it, then leave a comment!


  1. Content is very important but if you can't get them to your site, then who cares about content. The heading is key to get them there, then they will have a chance to digest what has been written. Thanks!

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  2. I do agree with you on that..You have to keep your readers and visitors in mind. Create contents which will make them stay longer and interested in your site.
    On a different note and a kinda sad one, my blog is currently disabled and up for review. Might have to wait forever to create a fresh content again..

  3. You're right! But what's one purpose of getting visitors on their site or blog? Isn't making money? So, even if you've thousands of visitors daily and you're not making any money that's nothing. And even if you're on the first page of Google and no one bother to buy your products and/or click a single ad that's nothing. People are getting wiser every day...they knew if they did those things somebody will earn! And the bitter fact webmasters or bloggers don't click ad...and that includes you!

  4. I agree with you, warren. The most important is headlines. If the readers don't read your content, then no use if you having good content. They will just stop by and leave, no read at all!

  5. Interesting thought. Writing fantastic headlines is indeed an important part of attracting readers. However, I'd think of headlines as the diplomats of your blogging kingdom. The "King" (content) still runs things, but the headline goes out and invites people to visit and stay a while ;)

  6. When you consider creating a reputation, building a community, and engaging your readers, content remains king.

    In addition, nothing maintains a 100% bounce rate like enticing readers to your blog and failing to deliver.

    If you can convert a higher percentage of traffic with less volume, you still win in the long run.

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  7. Traffic is important but I think what they mean by "content is king" is that if you have good content then other people will refer your site which will get you more traffic.

  8. Dear ,

    I must say both equally important .All depends on search engine strategies that how they crawl a blog.Google give more importance to the blog content.As you know 70 % of the search engine market share is with google .if your blog not got good reputation on google means low traffic to your blog and it will become a normal blog under millions of bloggers.
    the conclusion is that content make difference on google.