Sunday, March 21, 2010

Link Referral Contacts

Sometimes using Traffic Exchanges is all you have, but a step up from there is Link Referral. Instead of everyone madly clicking for credits to have their website seen, it slows down the pace a little by trading reviews of the websites and offers some interaction which can lead to actual contacts to build relationships with.

One added technique I use is this blog. While looking through the 30 websites as I do each day, if I come across another Blogger website I can leave a worthwhile comment and get a link back here automatically. Then if they get curious and pay me a visit, I have a chance to provide more than just banners and links, which opens the door to further interaction. Make sense?

So check out yourself and see what you think. Visit 30 websites, review 5 of them, make one a favorite and post to the forum to get high in the listings for best results.

See you online!


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  2. Thanks for dropping by my site and for leaving a comment. I learned a lot from your site today.

  3. yes thank you for your comments and i'm gonna be following your blog because i just got into blogging within the last 3 months and if i don't start seeing more money by the summer time i don't know what i'm gonna do

  4. LinkReferral has been a pretty good tool for me! Keep at it Warren!

    -Lanny B