Saturday, March 20, 2010

Does Advertising Pay?

Most people I talk to about paying for advertising PTC (Paid To Click) websites think it's crazy and for the short view it's probably true. Getting paid a penny a click even for 100 referrals, if it costs you a dollar or two each to get them can meet with a sinking feeling in your stomach if they quit soon, like many will.

But running ads for Fusioncash is another story. I ran a 500 click ad today for a penny a click. Not only did it result in 8 new referrals, but 4 of them earned me a $1 bonus with the potential of even more in the near future.

So do the math. A 500 click ad costs $6 (I earned mine free) and I earned $4 back TODAY. If ONE of those completes an offer on the website (which earns me another $2 bonus), I break even and I would say the odds are in my favor. If even one goes on to cashout in a few months, I made $8 from them with another $5 every time they do it again.

Guess what, I bought another paid ad today for the same page on another network. The key is, I target USA members only, so they are qualified prospects.

Let me know in the comments what you think?

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