Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Own Internet Home

I appreciate all that Blogger has done (and is still doing) for me, by allowing me to have passive websites all over the Internet for free. The only problem is, it's still not mine.

Just like in my every day life, I didn't want to depend on someone else to map out my future living space, so I worked and saved until I had a home of my own, that I can control and adapt to my living style.

The same thing is true for my Internet lifestyle, so I determined what my simple needs were and started looking. I knew I needed hosting space (but not too elaborate) and a way to connect with like-minded people with an autoresponder that worked in my sleep. That way, I could create the web pages I needed with my own ideas, not something I couldn't control.
I have a few I share with team members at This Page

The real beauty is, I earn 100% commission for sharing this idea with others, so it more than pays for itself. Depending on how I feel at the time, I can promote it for profit, or just use it myself and not worry about the expense. I still have fun creating new ideas, no matter which goal I put my effort behind.

Hope to see you online!

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