Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blogger Comments

I have been tempted to abandon this blog many times, but it's worth keeping around just for the times you want to comment on another blogspot or add yourself as a follower. So here I am again, cleaning out all the obsolete posts and making a few new ones to test my new service to get top listings in Google.

The basic idea is when I am surfing the net and come across a blogspot (Blogger blog owned by Google) I can make an intelligent comment to attract people back to my own blog. It's much simpler if my blog is a blogspot too, then I can have links to my other blogs if they get interested. Make sense?

See you online!


  1. Yep. Leaving comments is one of the easiest ways to get traffic back to your blog. But it doesn't have to be blogspot. I followed you here just fine from my wordpress blog, ;-)

  2. True, but I find it easier with a Blogger to Blogger situation. I noticed on your blog you had an interest in backlinks, so you should try using

  3. Testing to see if this comment is nofollow or dofollow.