Friday, May 21, 2010

Anti-Malware 2010

I have heard from a few others that have seen this show up and decided to share my experience too. I was infected a few weeks ago and had to resort to reformatting my system and installing everything over again, a painful process as some of you know all too well.

It shows up as a warning message that you have Malware discovered on your computer and they need to do a scan, which of course scares the bejabbers out of you when they come up with loads of garbage showing your machine is completely taken over and the only way out is to send them money. DON'T DO IT!!

The truth is they will just continue to milk you and not fix a thing.
You can try to learn about it HERE, but I ended up reformatting.

After I got that Windows computer all cleaned up, I started using Ubuntu Linux (most recently Linux Mint) and have not had a problem since. Oh I still see the warning and scan screens, but since I am not on Windows they can't get in.

You can get a CD to run it without changing anything else, install it as a dual boot with Windows, or just put it on another computer like I did. It's real handy to have a second system at times anyway. Now anytime I do surfing duties online, I use the Linux computer to be safe. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can protect yourself with software, the bad guys are getting too aggressive for that.

I have played around with Linux for years, but this one is so simple anyone can use it.

See you online!


  1. Can I offer you Entrecard credits for free? Apply here. Good luck!

  2. I had that happen too. Kaspersky got rid of it when I ran it in safe mode.

    Thanks for the info Warren!

    Dave D

  3. PS: I don't believe capital punishment is right...but people who put this stuff out should be shot!!!