Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Free Advertising

I was poking around on ApSense today and found a link to this blog. I am sure there are some old links that no longer work, but I was impressed with how many of them still do. I am going to spend a little time cleaning up the ones that are no longer valid so I can keep using this.

The only thing better than free advertising is free advertising that pays you, so I will be working on that more often than here.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Own Internet Home

I appreciate all that Blogger has done (and is still doing) for me, by allowing me to have passive websites all over the Internet for free. The only problem is, it's still not mine.

Just like in my every day life, I didn't want to depend on someone else to map out my future living space, so I worked and saved until I had a home of my own, that I can control and adapt to my living style.

The same thing is true for my Internet lifestyle, so I determined what my simple needs were and started looking. I knew I needed hosting space (but not too elaborate) and a way to connect with like-minded people with an autoresponder that worked in my sleep. That way, I could create the web pages I needed with my own ideas, not something I couldn't control.
I have a few I share with team members at This Page

The real beauty is, I earn 100% commission for sharing this idea with others, so it more than pays for itself. Depending on how I feel at the time, I can promote it for profit, or just use it myself and not worry about the expense. I still have fun creating new ideas, no matter which goal I put my effort behind.

Hope to see you online!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bells Are Ringing

I read a post today that really rang my bell, it simply said, "Never Give Up". It made me stop and think how TRUE that is, because you never know when an idea will hit you that changes your LIFE!

I know that sounds like hype, but it truly is the way it happens. I started a blog a little over a month ago and in the process of working on it, I just created a product of my own. It's only a $1 product, but if you see it, you may get an idea for your own.

What is different, is it shows even true beginners how to get started selling online, even if they never thought it was for them. At least look at the splash page on

Notice there is no capture box, just a link to order.

That's what makes it unique, if you click the order you will see the magic and still can back out if you like. It doesn't work in every country, but for the ones it does it solves major problems for both buyers and sellers that use PayPal.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Settle Down Easy

I'm still around and happier than ever. I have my ventures narrowed down to what works best for me (and could for you too), so about all I do now days is click for credits to sell for Tokens on Traffic Swirl and help my referrals that are responsible for my income make more money for themselves.

What I learned is, the more I help them, the longer they sick around and keep paying me. Not only that, but since my primary project is using tools we all need to produce pages to collect lists of people who need help.

So if you are struggling to make anything online, let's talk about it and I can probably help.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Latest Updates

I am still plugging along making extra cash to enjoy my retirement and I just found a couple of new ways to make it even better.

If you search Google for my oldbuddy user name, it's #1 on the results and brings me even more great people who are really serious about this, so that's a good thing.

 On the web page that points to, there is a banner on the right column that points to Big Crumbs and the referrals I have there have helped me earn over $5,000 by going through their website to buy from over 1,000 top retailers, not to mention have given me shares in their company as a bonus.

 I recently learned that they shut down Big Crumbs, but transferred my account to a brand new website that looks even better and I can keep on getting paid for buying what I would anyway. I like that.

I also found a new Paid To Click website that I think is going to pass the $4,800 I have earned from Fusioncash in the long run. It's sure easier to use, now that Fusioncash has so many hoops to jump through. On the new one, I spend 10 minutes a couple of times a day and I am done!

 Get in touch with me if you have any questions!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making Connections

It should be obvious that anyone with a desire to earn extra income online needs a constant flow of prospective partners to share information with, in order to have even a remote chance of reaching their goal.

Even if you have free information to give away (as mentioned in an earlier post), you still need to have someone to give it to and the higher their interest level, the greater the odds are that you can meet on a common level.

Sure there are hoards of free advertising venues out there, but have you found many that have at least double digit success at making these connections? Well I have and it's also fun to use.

The information on the page I am inviting you to consider may sound like hype to some, but I assure you it's all true and you can prove it to yourself with no cost ever. That's right, there are no fees to join and no fees later on either. See for yourself by Clicking Here

See you on the inside!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where to Start?

A lot of newer Internet Money Makers spend way too much time just wandering around with no real sense of direction, so they delay getting to the point where the income they earn is enough to keep them excited about their success.

There is a way to get around that barrier to entry and do it for free!

Sign up for a free account with Resell Rights Weekly and start READING the topics that will help you learn what you need to advance. Very quickly, you will be able to put your new found knowledge into practice and can start sharing what you did with others, who are searching for the same reason you were.

That's the real path to the money online, Learn, Do and then Share!

So here is a plan to try:

Get a free blog (like this one) and start writing about your adventure. Don't copy anyone, just share what you learned by reading the free material you found interesting.

Read a few ebooks on getting traffic and apply them to your new Blog.

Don't plaster it with advertising and drive people away, but have at least one link somewhere that can further your agenda without pushing it. For instance, show them a way to find the help they seek, while it helps both of you.

Then Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

It's really that simple and it works.

See you at the BANK!